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The area is part of the Padureni Land (Tinutul Padurenilor) a homogenous geographical area of an exceptional landscape and folkloric value.

pan_padureni1The landscape is predominantly hilly. Over 70% of the surface is included in the Poiana Rusca massif. Differenced in altitude are from 250 m (Teliucul Inferior) to 1300 m (Muncel Peak (Vf. Muncel) 1100 m and Rusca Peak (Vf. Rusca) 1300m near the Vadu Dobrii settlement.

pens_panorama13The climate is moderate continental, characterized by 3 cold and wet months and 9 months with temperate weather. Recent years have been characterized by hot summers and frosty winters, with a tendency to change due to global warming. This shift in weather patterns is characterized mostly by positive temperatures during the winter time, the lack of snowfall and by very high temperatures during the summer time.The number of days with clear skies is over 100 a year and the duration of sunshine is about 2000 hours/year

Spring: March is fine and serene whereas April generally has overcast days, and May is especially beautiful as a results of the atmosphere’s clarity.
Summer: June is the wettest, with sudden summer storms and with generally clouded skies, but the weather improves during the second half of July and remains fine and clear during August and sometimes even in September. During this time period there are small periods of 2-3 days with rain and cloudy skies.
Autumn: has beautiful and clear days. Sometimes the weather is better than in summer, revealing a landscape of great beauty.
Winter: the weather is generally fine, with about 10 days overcast.


DJ 687E

Accessibility to the area: the most important access route is in the North and is represented by the municipality of Hunedoara. The most important landmark in Hunedoara is the Corvini Castle, a monument unique in Romania.
– Important tourist flows come from the A1 Motorway (Deva-Sibiu) through the Simeria road junction and through the European Road E68 (National Road 7 Arad-Sibiu) and are routed towards Hunedoara on the National Road 68B (DN68B), a modernized road with two lanes.
– Another possibility to reach Hunedoara is via the County Road DJ 687J Calan- Hunedoara that takes the tourist flows that are travelling on DN 66 Hateg- Bacia (a part of the road network between Petrosani and Caransebes).


Panorama of the mountains Poiana Rusca